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Social Media


Case Study

"I have learned that if someone says something unkind about me, I must live so that no one will believe it."
Unknown Author . . .

A lighter look at the stats this issue . . .

"There are two kinds of Statistics, the kind you look up and the kind you make up."
Rex Stout

"Invest in inflation. It is really the only thing going up."
Will Rogers

"The way to stop financial joyriding is to arrest the chauffeur, not the automobile."
Woodrow Wilson

July 2009 . . . .

July is a great month. Golf is in full swing with plenty of Summer still ahead of us. It is also our country's birthday month with our annual Fourth of July festivities. So that makes the USA another year older, good for her and thanks to the many fine folks out there who are working hard to make her last another few hundred years. Of course, this passing of a year means that I too am another year older, you are another year older and our respective businesses are another year older. Perhaps we ought to look at some of the new things we might do to shine up ourselves as well.

Some great things are happening with our company and a few of our favorite clients. I'd like to share these with you and perhaps you might get a little inspiration to get out the polish and do a little shining.

Website Openings & Ideas

Southworth Management based out of Massachusetts has been very busy, managing, opening and upgrading their portfolio of properties - here are a couple links to new websites we just opened or upgraded for them. Our web guru Ben Benora and Eric Grimnes are also hard at work creating a new corporate website for them as well. Let's take a look at a couple of new sites . . .

PGA Village - The Bahamas

Now here is a property that is so relaxing that it will seemingly take years 'off' your age, make you feel younger and indulge your senses - this is a real visual treat and a great project - See Website - Here

Machrihanish Dunes

Aye - There is nothing more Scottish than a windswept seashore and a pint to admire it with. A spectacular property done the old world way - See Website - Here

Social Media

Blogs - Twitter - Facebook - Texting - What are these things and do they belong in golf? Answer . . . Yes they do and you should begin to embrace them as part of the new and modern communication methods. Have you ever caught yourself talking back to the television, newspaper article or other media? In a sense, these new communication tools are simply a two-way method to either inform large groups of people about a topic or for you to personally weigh-in with your opinion on that topic. Simply a digital conversation.

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Photo Shoots - The Ultimate Thrill

Honestly, there is nothing like going to a property with a commission and client's trust to create images for a club, ownership or project. The blank sheet of canvas the course represents, the anticipation of images you frame in the view finder and the creative process with Mother Nature is nothing short of awesome and I personally love the challenge and joy of the work.

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Side Note on Photography

Mark Whitright, our resident photography and media expert, reports that Successories renewed the contract for this poster - one of our favorite images we created from the line of many Successories images and posters we have produced for this great company.

A Marketing Case Study

Shawn Campbell, head professional at Potowomut Golf Club in Rhode Island had a vision. He saw one of my marketing lectures and understood the importance of creating a positive image or brand he could use to accomplish every clubs two major goals . . . retain your existing members and acquire new members.

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Personal Notes . . .

My son, Peter is now 15 years old - 6'2" and 190 pounds. He was selected to a Northwest USA Baseball Showcase in Portland, Oregon later this Summer for top prospects, he plays 1st - 3rd and pitches. His select baseball team will play for the National Wood Bat Championships in Georgia later this month.

I am glad to report that I have dropped 22 points on my total cholesterol and 15 points on my bad cholesterol in three months along with 10 pounds of weight loss - only one difference; I added this to my diet - www.bestomega3food.com - and could not be happier to recommend it.

My shoulder injury and resulting surgery from falling out of a tree last December did not take - Looks like me and a knife will have another date at a hospital near me soon. A second surgery will be unfortunate, but it will be nice to have both arms back in action again.

May all be well with you, enjoy your travels and best of luck with the rest of the golf season.

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Stay Safe - Be Courageous, J2 Golf Marketing - John R. Johnson.

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