Photo Shoots - The Ultimate Thrill

Honestly, there is nothing like going to a property with a commission and client's trust to create images for a club, ownership or project. The blank sheet of canvas the course represents, the anticipation of images you frame in the view finder and the creative process with Mother Nature is nothing short of awesome and I personally love the challenge and joy of the work.

Category: Golf Photography
Posted by: jdesign

This past month I have been blessed with two great projects to photograph, Copper Mill in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the other very near Philadelphia at Kennett Square Golf and Country Club. Thank you to both of these clubs for giving us this opportunity.

  • Images from the Bayou State - Here
  • Images from Rocky Balboa's home - Here

If you have ANY plans to market this Fall or even next Spring - then the best thing you can do is get your photography done NOW - In most of the country it has been unseasonably wet, while we may not personally like the weather, your course loves it. Sunshine is right around the corner and your courses look terrific - Photography done now allows for both late 2009 and early 2010 marketing. If you wait until Spring (May - when leaves are out again) to shoot you will not have marketing materials until late June or July of 2010, too late to affect the key marketing season. Please call to get on our shooting schedule.


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