A Marketing Case Study

Shawn Campbell, head professional at Potowomut Golf Club in Rhode Island had a vision. He saw one of my marketing lectures and understood the importance of creating a positive image or brand he could use to accomplish every clubs two major goals . . . retain your existing members and acquire new members.

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He commissioned us to create an entire package and now both Shawn and his membership are proud of the new look of his club image and presentation materials. We at J2 Golf Marketing are also proud of the entire product and results as well. Here is what we created and how he leveraged the tools.

•  Step OneCourse Photo ShootEarly Fall of 2008
•  Step TwoScreen Saver Hole Tour DVDWinter of 2008
•  Step ThreeMembership BrochureLate Spring of 2009

He then personally sent EVERY member a personal letter and TWO packets of the DVD and Membership Brochure - one to keep for them themselves (a pride point) and one to personally share with a strong acquaintance. "The results have been right off the chart", says Head Professional, Shawn Campbell. "Last year in 2008 we sent out a total of 30 prospective member applications, the Summer of '09 is only half over and we have already had 750 requests for member applications. Our members are proud, they value the club more and this presentation package that J2 Golf Marketing put together is the total difference in how the community sees our club. This has been one of the best things we have done here at Potowomut and a great investment."

Nice vision Shawn - If you would like to see the letter to the membership - simply click Here. Please personally call me to discuss how his plan was formulated and costs to do something similar for your club. My direct line is 206.324.2442 – ext 1.


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