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Before the Olympic flame is completely gone, we thought we would jump on the Olympic fever bandwagon and produce another example of how everything is great in Canada. What better way than by showing off our latest efforts in creative graphic design and photography; a sumptuous Membership Brochure and elegant Food and Beverage companion brochure for our client, The Glencoe Golf & Country Club, one of Canada's finest Golf Clubs located in Calgary, Alberta.

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It was a virtual "hat-trick" for J2 Golf Marketing and the Club as we culminated an eight-month project that started with (1) golf course and clubhouse photography last summer, (2) a total re-design of all collateral and (3) the creation of all new copy to tell the club's outstanding story and incredible offerings to the citizens of Calgary. It looks as though another Canadian is destined for a gold medal in both the printing and golf marketing competitions . . . or at the very least it will make the podium. Let's look at tale of the tape.

Glencoe Club Brochure Spec's

Member BrochureFood & Beverage Brochure
Embossed Foil Ribbed CoverEmbossed Copper Foil Ribbed Cover
Vellum Fly SheetCut Reveal Cover to Interior
16 Full Color Pages8 Full Color Pages
Gold PMS Spot Ink HighlightsGold PMS Spot Ink Highlights
Dry Spot Photo VarnishDry Spot Photo Varnish
Glued Back Information PocketGlued Back Information Pocket

As you can see by the brochures above, this was a real stunner of a combination, an Olympic double-axel directed at two of the most pressing concerns of any private golf or city club today; maintaining membership levels and maximizing the club's facilities for social functions.

We feel there is a resurgence of "Big Paper" to present a Club's story and vital image in a strong tactile way, a way that no website alone is able to accomplish. If you are a prestigious club like The Glencoe, you need to display the extra elements that make you outstanding and an exemplary member choice. A smaller club, still needs to be highly impressive to compete for members, but they may not need the foil, emboss and vellums. However, it is important that the members of any club need copies of these brochures so they can use them brag to their peers about 'their' club.

Here is a Handy Member-Worth Matrix

Just what is one member worth? . . . Use this chart and your actual club numbers to calculate value. I will just use 'guesstimate' numbers below for this example. (Note - these numbers were supplied by several leading club membership professionals as club averages) Industry research reveals an average member stays at a club 10 to 15 years.

• Initiation Fee$7,500.00
• Monthly Dues$300.00
• Actual Monthly Food and Beverage Spending$150.00
• Additional Monthly Spending - Pro Shop, etc.$25.00
• Cart Rental - Locker - Trail Fees - Bag Storage$25.00
• Total Monthly Expense x 12 Months$6,000.00
• Total Annual Fee x 12.5 Year Average$75,000.00
• Member 1st Year Worth - One Year + Initiation Fee$13,500.00
• Member Total Worth - 12.5 Years + Initiation Fee$82,500.00

Wow - that is an impressive exercise. How did your math work out and what is your member value? So, now what do you think about spending a small investment, effort and education to be truly extraordinary and perhaps gain or keep a few more members?

So if ONE new member pays for everything to look impressive, how many new members would a 12 to18 month membership campaign net - One - Ten - Twenty-Five - Fifty - More? Think about that and your answer for a moment.

  • What investment will bring you 25 times or more return in 12 to 18 months?
  • What investment would bring you that kind of return or more in 10+ years?

Apply the same matrix to a large wedding party or a full tournament event and ask if the ROI on the impressive Food and Beverage brochure was absolutely one of the best investments a club could make in themselves? Why did one of the most prestigious clubs in Canada invest in both?

When a presentation creates as many questions as it answers - then you are on the right path. You are thinking what can your club do to be pro-active. This much we do know - Doing nothing or doing the exact same thing as in the past, are not working in the club industry today. The best clubs are still full for a reason; they simply worked hard to be the best and use impressive education and presentations to stay that way.

We here at J2 Golf Marketing are here to help - our gold medal staff are just a phone call away. The answers and timeline to make it happen, just might surprise you.


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