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Southworth Development, LLC's company tag line is very apropos and speaks volumes about the kind of facilities and properties they own and manage, it reads . . . "It takes a world-class company to create world-class communities". For anyone who knows company founder David Southworth, the key word is 'class', he knows what it is and how to achieve it.

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J2 Golf Marketing has long been one of the creative partners utilized by the boutique management company. We have not only created many of the captivating golf course photographic images for the firm but also several of the individual project websites as well. The latest and perhaps the best of these lavish websites has just opened . . . the new corporate website for Southworth Development. The site was designed to present this extraordinary company and the jewels that make up their portfolio to the golfing world.

The site features large rich images of their multiple holdings and a very intuitive navigation system. The scrolling 'Latest News' section allows company staff to easily update breaking stories and accolades for Southworth Development from around the world. Southworth's Senior Marketing Manager, Kyle M. Biedenbach was instrumental in the creation of this new site working in tandem with our J2 Golf staff; Erik Grimnes in original web design and flash animation plus Ben Bonora to solidify the intricate programming and user friendly features seen on the site. The site was built on the J2 Golf's CMS or Content Management System, a wonderful program that allows all the pages and content to be easily updated by Southworths' own staff. It truly is an exceptional piece of work and I urge you to review it.

  • Southworth Development Web Link - HERE

Another Kyle Biedenbach spearhead project was the creation of an elegant 'wedding only' website for Renaissance Golf Club, a private country club in Haverhill, Massachusetts managed by Southworth. In today's environment, clubs must take full advantage of their food and beverage assets, and this specialized website to promote and highlight upscale weddings, is just the type of forward thinking that Southworth is known for.

The wedding site has the same CMS system as all J2 Golf Marketing sites are recognized for, but this site is unique in design and navigation to give it a very chic feel. This different look and feel was created on purpose to give it a brand and mood unto itself. Ample photo galleries and PDF downloads allow the user to have a plethora of information at right at their fingertips.

• Renaissance Golf Club Wedding Site - HERE

Answers and solutions that work in a tough economy are hallmarks of good management like Southworth. The staff at J2 Golf Marketing is proud to be part of an overall team that helps develop excellence as a core value. As you face your own challenges in brochure design, website creation, eMail communications or stunning photography this season, please contact us to help provide award-winning solutions that work. We look forward to hearing from you. -


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