Visual Branding For Your Club . . .

A few years back, a very catchy ad campaign was built around the single statement . . .

"Image is Everything"

Just how true that statement really is, many industries, companies, products and relationships have been made or broken by how someone perceives that “Image”. Fortunately or unfortunately, all of us project an image. So I guess you have to ask yourself, what image do you project or to be more specific, what image does your club project?

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As a membership marketing professional, you have to be concerned with your personal image, how you look, how you dress, how you speak, just how professional your image is. Every day you try to make sure that you personally have it all together – it is something that you can control and is something that you are acutely aware of. It is why you are called a professional and have a PCMA title to prove it.

So how much control do you have over the image of your club . . . ?

It is surprising that so many folks think they have no control over that image and even more surprising just how much damage a poor image can wreak on your club. Well, it is time to storm the castle and take control of your image and it can be done over the span of just a few short months.

When you look in the mirror, you wouldn’t you like to see a radiantly beautiful woman or a dashingly handsome man – so specifically, what makes them so?

Look at your club the same way . . . your logo, your photos, your interior design, your club colors, the landscaping and course conditions are the cloths, make-up and physique of the club. If visually any of these components are run down, shabby or dated, then just like on a real human – your image will suffer. The good news is in actuality many of these items are purely cosmetic and for very little money, time and effort they can be upgraded. So let’s look at the “Make-Over” list and see what might be a great new tool and breath of fresh air for your club’s image.

Easy Fixes

Photography – Do it in the late spring before the haze and heat of the summer sets in and please, don’t let the member and their cell phone camera take your photos. Use a professional and then retouch every image that goes out to the public. Now use them – room décor – websites – hole tours – logo’d desktop wall paper – placemats. I could go on like Bubba counting ways to cook shrimp from the movie Forrest Gump . . . but you get the idea.

Logo and Color – Keep parts of your traditional logo, but freshen it up – use a new symbol, create a little icon from the logo, new color schemes on everything. It will be a huge boost for merchandise sales. Remember when avocado appliances were the rage? They aren’t now. Yes, someone won’t like it but most will, especially new and younger members.

Paint – I get it, we might not be able to tear down or remodel the clubhouse, (that would be a Not easy fix) but it is flat out amazing what an interior designer can do with a bucket of paint, a piece of carpet and a little fabric. It is a shocking transformation of a frumpy space.

Website – Bandwidth is now much better so it is time to spruce up the old website with all of those BIG and new images you have, hole tours, blogs to communicate, new logo, colors, video spots and finally an upscale design that does not look like your website was invented by Al Gore.

Brochures – If you want to project an image, nothing does it like an elegant membership brochure. If image is everything, the grace and elegance of a book which is full of captivating images, stamped with an embossed foil cover or the refined understatement of the ever so subtle vellum page which reveals the sumptuous membership brochure within, is the perfect complement to your image make-over. Now that is an image that will turn heads. You want members to brag about your club to their peers – give them something to brag with and let them be proud.

So yes, just as cloths make the man or woman, a few image repairs can do wonders for your club’s perception, not only from the community outside your gates, but a whole new attitude from the current members who are a little bit disappointed with the status quo. Give some of these ideas a try; they are fun, affordable and very effective.


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