Product Highlight - Digital Brochure for J2 Golf Marketing

By now most vendors are familiar with the term PDF - a digital rendition of a brochure or spec sheet that you can use via eMail or post on your website for download. A very good move. Now let's just take that concept and give it the steroid treatment. How about an online brochure . . .

Category: Digital Brochures
Posted by: jdesign

Digital Brochures Coming of Age

A brochure that looks as good as paper, turns pages like paper, has movement, plays video clips, utilizes sound, forwards to a friend, prints on their printer and links to any website all with a simple click? Obviously, this is not your Grandpa’s PDF file, this is a new cutting edge brochure that looks great, communicates well and has NO PRINTING costs. What is does do is deliver your message and upscale impression at a fraction of the cost of traditional print brochures. See our demo of this fully interactive brochure here – Digital Brochure

J2 Golf Marketing – staying ahead of the marketing curve for you so you can concentrate on your business and what you do best. This may be one of the best moves you make this year.



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