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Nothing gets your attention like money. Lucks Turf took a gamble with a small marketing budget and turned it into one of the most eye-popping ROI numbers - well just about ever. Would you trade under $4,500 for a return of over $50,000 in less than 30 days - hmmm. Don't think too long on that one. This is a simple story of a professional website make-over, top search engine placement and a directed eMail campaign that netted an order from China, from a client that he never had previously all in less than 30 days . . .

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Lucks Turf Gamble Gets – Lucky

Lucks Turf likes to keep it simple, they sell turf grass, paspalum grass, used turf grass equipment and irrigation supplies. They sever both domestic and international clients. With three farms located in Panama – they have the optimum growing conditions to supply product quickly throughout the world. All of their paspalums are certified through the International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP). ITGAP has become the standard in international certification standards.

Their new website is very clean and informative. Web updates are all done by their own staff and they can update photos on the used equipment at will. Within weeks it was moving up the Search Engines and this is exactly how the Chinese client was able to find and order from a vendor located in Maryland.

In addition, Gary Lucks has started a digital eNewsletter to keep his customers apprised of the latest equipment and to highlight progress in grass production with new product breakthroughs. Not only is this informative, but is helps keep Lucks Turf top of mind as ‘the’ resource when it comes to acquiring Turf, Paspalums and equipment. Good business moves on a limited budget.

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