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Hole-in-One U.S.AClearly one of the greatest moments in golf has to be the Hole-In-One and of course the ensuing party with the traditional pay-back! Our client Hole-In-One USA has softened the sting of a round of drinks for your buddies a little bit with their prize coverage packages - you name it, they can create it . . . Master's Tickets, play St. Andrew's, a New Boat or drive away in a Cadillac - anything is possible.

However, if he does not sell his services to tournament managers, golf professionals or business owners then there are no prizes to give away and there would be no Hole-In-One business. So how do they communicate? What does their collateral or offers look like? How does he brand HIO USA . . .

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David Nelson, president and CEO of Hole-in-One USA does not have an image problem . . . in fact he loves his image and being an avid and competitive golfer, he has had the opportunity to see and play some of the finest courses in the world. He feels the look and feel of golf is best conveyed through great golf imagery, so he uses our J2 Marketing Golf Photography division – to provide him the classic looks of the game to illustrate his marketing efforts. From the British Open venues, Carnoustie and St Andrews, to the pure beauty of great Hawaiian courses such as Kapalua Plantation, he knows the power of a good image.

He also knows the power of direct targeted marketing and uses both our Golf eMailer and direct mail to deliver his message into the hands of golf professionals, tournament managers and business owners who still value a great day networking while playing tournament golf. He also partners with industry associations, such as our client – The VGM Club, to create great savings for their members. The broadcast eMail pictured, sent by VGM Club to their members, was a big hit for both course operators, the VGM Club and of course HIO USA.

How to Score a "Business" Hole-in-One

Take a look at his approach, his brand, his offers and link to his website; all professional, well branded and delivering a single clear message. -

VGM Club


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