Client Highlight - Cal Olson / Ted Robinson - Multi-Language Brochures

Robinson Golf, Inc.

While certain vendors are deeply rooted in the U S of A - many of our clients have gone global as golf, especially for golf architects, has moved overseas. One of the first lessons learned, while English is somewhat a universal language today, the language of the country it still the most important word. Good etiquette in business is to at least "try" to communicate at some level in the spoken tongue. However, for some clients, the entire concept of a golf course is foreign, so as the old adage says if, "A picture is worth a 1,000 words . . ." well at J2 Golf Marketing we have about 300,000 images, so "showing" a golf course is a snap for us . . . but how impressive can you be if you also hand out a brochure "Printed" in both English and their native language, now you are really talking . . .

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Got Language? . . . Win the Communication Battle, Win the Contract

For golf architects Cal Olson and Ted Robinson, coming home from abroad with a silver medal after a golf course interview just does not cut it - it is win or you get virtually nothing in the world of business. If you can’t communicate, the chance of securing a contract is nearly unreachable.

Just as we employ translators, a bi-lingual brochure not only shows a strong commitment on your part, it is a huge tool around a negotiation table. Attending an industry trade show without a bi-lingual brochure is a complete lesson in frustration. J2 Golf Marketing has experience traveling in foreign lands, communicating with images and creating high quality brochures in both English and any foreign language. Our staff works closely with interpreters to not just translate the “words” but the concepts behind the words, as many times the meaning is NOT the same - we understand the difference.

Cal Olson created two identical brochures, Russian and Chinese in one single print run saving thousands of dollars - Ted Robinson squeezed a tight travel deadline and had a huge impact with his Korean brochure at a recent trade show. Going the extra mile, together we can both get there. |



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