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Emerald ClubWe all know the ranking systems; Five Star Hotels - Four Diamond Restaurants - AAA Rated or of course how can we get along without the Zagat Review. That is all well and good, but how does my Country Club rank and by whom? Great question and the best answer may just be the #1 rated Club publication, The BoardRoom Magazine. Who else would be in better position to understand the complexities of the Club world, but how should this new ranking program be positioned and what should this upscale brand look like . . . enter the Emerald Club, a third party review and standards organization to help clubs become recognized for excellence. Learn how this new organization put our designers to the test . . .

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Posted by: jdesign

This Emerald Shines .  .  . 

Obviously to have a brand, you need a name and face. We created the Emerald Club logo to be an upscale complement to the purpose of the organization, to recognize the best of the best. The intricate swoops reach out to cover the name and symbolically the entire industry. The rich gold textured cover is the perfect complement to an upscale association designed to highlight the best practices in the club business. This initial collateral piece sets the stage, makes that all so important first impression which sets the Emerald Club Ranking as truly the single award that sets the standard in the Private Club industry.

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