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Blogs - Twitter - Facebook - Texting - What are these things and do they belong in golf? Answer . . . Yes they do and you should begin to embrace them as part of the new and modern communication methods. Have you ever caught yourself talking back to the television, newspaper article or other media? In a sense, these new communication tools are simply a two-way method to either inform large groups of people about a topic or for you to personally weigh-in with your opinion on that topic. Simply a digital conversation.

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Much like your broadcast eMail lists you already use, these methods rely upon someone who has a high interest in your topic, respects your opinion and wants to be informed about what you have to say. They sign up for your messages or on a regular basis, look to where you post your thoughts. Think of it as the 7:00 News with the option for your personal feedback.

How can you utilize these tools? Think communication, expressing yourself, sharing ideas or opportunities and you are well on your way to being a social media networker. Let's start with blogs . . . here are some examples of blogs we have created for our clients with and without comments.

D'Andrea Golf Club - Their eNewsletter becomes automatic blog entries - See Here

Aspire Golf Consulting - has his own special online blog with comments - See Here

J2 Golf Marketing - Great resource for multiple marketing ideas, leave a comment - See Here

New Media - Twitter and Facebook among others are in a sense - a mini-blog. Limited to just 140 characters, a tweet or post is a quick blast about an opportunity (think 2 for 1 golf special after 2:00 pm today) or a personal comment. (the greens are rolling a 12 on the stimp meter - you need to play here this week!) These mini comments are then broadcast as text messages, eMail alerts, shared by users or followed by people who watch your so-called "news".  From the tweet or post, they can also link to more information or to a website, much like my links I use here on our eNewsletter.

So yes, whether you are golf course or an industry vendor like I am, there is a place for reaching out with these new social media tools, networking with old friends or like-minded new acquaintances. Today, more than ever, it is important to communicate, be found or be 'followed'. It is simply and old-school idea, delivered in a new-school method. If you have questions about these tools, give us a call - we can help.  In addition, I am doing a short lecture on Social Media at the National GIS - Golf Industry Show in San Diego next February.

We at J2 Golf Marketing have both a Twitter and Facebook account - both fairly new, but like anything, everyone must start sometime. When you first open your accounts (which are free) you will be amazed how many old friends suddenly pop-up and say hello. You can follow us on Twitter - Here or follow us on Facebook - Here


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