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Online Programs

J2 Golf Marketing is more than a traditional marketing company. Besides creating brochures and digital media, we have developed online programs for the needs of our clients. Whether a client needs credit card processing for e-commerce or secure digital media storage on the Internet, we've got it covered.

GolfeMailer - Golf eMailer

The Golf eMailer service is an online e-mail broadcast and data collection utility designed for the Golf industry. This service provides even the most non-technical person the ability to manage multiple databases and send large professional e-mail broadcasts multiple times a month.

read more... - Golf Photos is our flagship website. Originally our corporate website, it is an incredible source for stock photography (130,000 golf images) and golf photography services. The site has the ability to host multiple golf photographers, a true resource to agencies that desire the best in golf photography in one online location.

read more... - Golf Assets is an online management program for photos, graphics (logo and art) and text information highlighting golf courses or major tournament events. Each client's digital media assets are put onto a secure website to which our client can grant access to third parties for quick and easy download.

read more... - Golf Servers is our service for hosting clients' websites. Since we can control the configuration and security of our own servers, this allows for a better environment for our clients' websites.

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