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Internet Applications

Simply put, a website must be a company asset or resource to convey information, not just another pretty brochure. Yes, it must be graphically pleasing and easy to navigate but function and timely information is its main purpose.

Our award-winning websites are noted for their user-friendly designs, which promotes investigation. We just say “No” to template website designs opting instead to custom create each site according to the needs and desires of our clients.

Key components of our designs include; self-administration, e-commerce capabilities, data base collection, flash programming, search engine optimization and quick downloads of photographs or graphic information.

E-Commerce Solutions

Whether it’s a custom-designed store with shopping cart applications or tapping into our existing Cutter & Buck program, we can create a web-based application sure to fit your desire to present merchandise online.

Photographic and Digital Hole Tours

Seeing is believing and nothing quite shows off your property as well as a virtual hole tour of your entire property. A plug-in module to any existing or new website, our comprehensive hole tours can give you the professional edge. The tours are done in both a photographic or a digital art rendering style to profile each of your holes and course lay-out.

Database Collection Programs

He who has the best database wins. In the world of e-business, the strength of your database of e-mail addresses is the difference between success and failure. We create a number of tools to cleverly collect e-mails for communication with your most important business asset – your client.

Dynamic And Targeted E-Mail

Clearly one of the best tools for internet communication is a compelling and graphically beautiful e-mail tool we call dynamic e-mail. Using HTML programming, these versions of e-stationary make a strong impression upon your clients. An interactive hot-link to your website is provided with all versions of this cutting-edge tool.

Multimedia CD and DVD Presentations

The computer today can deliver a multitude of presentations designed to impress your client in the most intimate of settings – one on one. A disk can intergrate content such as art, photographs, video, voice audio and music into a seamless presentation to best tell your story. All disks will hot-link to your website for the most up-to-date information about your company or product.

The Ultimate Branding Tool – The Screensaver

A most powerful tool for building brand awareness, educating customers and driving Internet traffic is a custom-designed screen saver. Up to 25 individual screens will tour your holes, highlight your amenities and present your story in a venue that is entertaining and informative. Our savers will directly hot-link to your website with the single touch of the F9 key. This digital tool appears without prompting 365 days a year – 24 hours a day to always present your facility or company to your target market. – An Asset Management Program

An ingenious method of presenting your most valuable assets – your pertinent information to the media or third party vendors. The program places online the core information about your company into a secure, password accessible website. The key components are your photographic assets, graphic assets such as your logo or renderings and information such as key facts and figures in a text document.

Imagine, no more rush Fed-Ex charges, disk duplication or scan fees to make a deadline or provide information. Instead, just send an e-mail with access codes and directions to anyone who can then download your retouched photos, logos and key facts instantly to fit their needs.