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Golf Photography

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Truly the flagship presence of our company, golf course photography is the key to your image presentation to the public. We pride ourselves in providing the most extensive photography service in the industry. We create the images by which a golf property builds its reputation, images that are both captivating and define a geographic location.


J2 Golf Marketing - Golf Photos

Our photography team has twice won National and International acclaim as “Golf Photographer of the Year” from the International Network of Golf and The BoardRoom Magazine annual awards. We have multiple coffee-table books, calendars and the Successories motivational poster line as part of our portfolio of credits.

Our award-winning service includes, ground and aerial photography as well as clubhouse and amenities so important in the creation of ads, brochures and a fully developed web presence. We shoot all 18 holes in both the morning light and the late afternoon glow.

Liberal Photo Use Policy

Our policies on image use are a breath of fresh air. You will receive your own full set of original images. We pride ourselves with our liberal photo use policy. No pulling teeth to gain access to your own images, no usage fees, returning slides or sticky copyright issues. The media is encouraged to use your images for free. In other words, the photos we take are yours to use. Isn’t that what you want from your photographer?

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