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Preferred Golfer Program

We've developed several photographic art products that golfers are already spending money on, such as screensavers and postcards. We've now put these pieces together in a nice DVD style package and combine them with "Golf Ambassador Cards" and "Discount Voucher Cards." The package we custom create for you will typically have over $100 in value added promotional offers. The perceived value of this package is so high that people will pay $10-20 just to become a part of your "Preferred Golfer Loyalty Club."

Introducing the "Preferred Golfer Program"
The most profitable easy to use Marketing Program available to courses today - a complete turn-key Program with directions for use. Click below to see.

Preferred Golfer Brochure - 200 KB PDF

Marketing Plan for the Preferred Golfer Program - 1.2 MB PDF

Essentially this is a customer loyalty program using high quality promotional materials. For people to qualify for the special membership offers and discounts, they have to complete a survey card, providing you with their contact and e-mail information.

Preferred Golfer Program

Using this program will allow you to collect at least 5,000 new e-mail addresses! It's a powerful way to build your electronic database. A part of the marketing package that we provide is our highly customizable Golf eMailer e-mail broadcast system so you can send ongoing offers to your new opt-in list.

Here's what you get with the program:

  1. A Professional Photo Shoot of all 18 holes of your golf course by Johnson Design Golf Marketing, the two time winner of the "International Golf Photographer of the Year."

  2. 5,000 of each of the following:

    • Screensaver, highlighting all 18 holes of your golf course and it's facilities

    • Preferred Golfer Survey / Stamp Card

    • Two sets of Postcards (a total of 10,000)

    • E-mail Broadcast of 5000 e-mails per month with customized e-mail template including your logo and photos. A full year program.

    • 20,000 Rack Cards (for your other marketing efforts)

  3. A total of 60,000 of the following Personal referral tools, to include:

    • Membership Cards

    • Ambassador Cards

    • VIP Cards

    • Instant Replay Cards

    • Personal Business Cards

In all, there are over 95,000 printed pieces of marketing materials that we custom design, create and deliver to you.

How can you make money using this promotional advertising tool?

Preferred Golfer Program

The complete package cost for each "Preferred Golfer" unit is $5.00. We suggest that you offer them in the golf shop for up to $20.00 and frequently feature them as a sale item. They can be used as a part of an upgraded tee package for giving added value. They can also be sold as a tee gift with your tournaments. There are likely various groups, such as Junior Golf, that can sell them as a way to raise money.

It's actually very simple to develop at least 5,000 subscribers to this program every year...

Think about it - how many tournaments rounds do you do every year? How much more valuable is this promotional item than tees, balls, a towel or a bag tag? Don't you think golfers would appreciate having a classy gift like a screensaver with over $100 in redeemable vouchers? Doesn't it make sense that these people will increase their spending at your facility if you put a dozen different elegantly designed, business card sized offers in their hands to come back and redeem over the next year?

Do you see how you will be giving added value to your tournament directors by selling them this package? What better way is there to win the favor of potential tournament directors than to send them one of these packages as a gift? The funny thing about giving tournament directors this item is that when they put the screensaver in their computer, they end up being reminded about booking their tournament at your course...every day!

What if you were to allow Junior Golf to sell the Preferred Golfer Package and make money? What kid couldn't sell a dozen of these to his family and neighbors? What if they were to set up a table at the course on the weekends and sell them - who wouldn't want to support that? You could easily get hundreds of new subscribers to your loyalty program this way...

Building the value of loyalty...

You are giving these people reasons to come back to your course again and again and again.

You could actually make $25,000 to $75,000 per year selling this package, even if you only retained $5 profit on each unit...

How much do your local magazines paid you to advertise with them?

Heck, even if you had to give them all away, this package would probably be the most valuable marketing tools you've ever used. How much would it be worth to you to have beautiful images of your golf course on 5,000+ computer screens, promoting your course every day. How about if we set up the program so by pressing F9 button on their computer, they could be "Hotlinked" directly to your website? This makes it easier for people to book a tee time or event with you.

What is the value of 5,000 people sending a couple of classy postcards to their friends? How important is it to your marketing to develop a steady stream of repeat clients by giving them small incentives to return? What if we could show you a way to develop a referral incentive program, such as the "Golf Ambassador" program we've developed? You can literally get hundreds of people referring people to play at your course using these programs!

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